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All are Welcome

We welcome families and individuals, office and church groups, local and overseas guests to our facilities and cater for all needs.

Away from the hustle and bustle of Trinidad's Capital -Port of Spain- and other busy towns. Alta Vista is the perfect location for "getting away from it all" and experiencing nature in a hospitable rain-forest environment.

Alta Vista is nestled in the lush vegetation of the tropical rain-forest in Trinidad's northern range. It is accessed via the picturesque mountain road that runs through the valley from the bustling town of Arima to the quiet fishing village of Blanchissuese.

Situated in 16 acres of virgin rainforest and bordered by a nature reserve teaming with birds and butterflies and forest animal, the resort grows many of its own fruit and vegetables, supplying fresh food for birds, animals and guests alike and allowing nature and man to co-exist in a way that is beneficial to both.



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